The Planar Guide | Demiplane Early Access: After Action Report

Welcome to our ninth edition of “The Planar Guide” – Demiplane’s email series that keeps you up-to-date with our ongoing development efforts. We launched Early Access last week to great community feedback and support! Thank you to everyone who has explored the first wave of Demiplane. If you have not registered, join Early Access to create Adventures and Adventuring Parties:

Early Access report

Demiplane’s goal is to be the “Gateway to Your Next Adventure”. With this in mind, we thought we would share the activity that took place within the first few days following the Early Access launch. Secretly, our goal has been to have 250 campaigns or one-shots ready for Adventurers and  Game Masters by the time we launch on June 1st. This would enable Demiplane to connect 1,000 Adventurers with Game Masters across a wide variety of Tabletop Roleplaying Games if we average 4 Adventurers per table.

This would be a great milestone. 

Within 72 hours of Demiplane’s Early Access Launch, we have collectively made great progress towards that goal:

  • 1,000+ users have registered to join or create Adventures on Demiplane
  • 150+ New opportunities for Adventure were created across 25+ different game systems
    • Game Masters created over 130 Quests,
    • Nearly 20 different Adventuring Parties were created seeking Game Masters to lead them, and
      • A lot of your created test adventures to get a feel for the creation process (all of which have been excluded from our counts above) 

    If you feel compelled to join us in our goal for 250 campaigns or one-shots by June 1st, please feel welcome to create your next adventure in Demiplane or share Demiplane with your friends and fellow Adventurers. I mean… now that you know a Game Master can both directly invite someone and seek new Adventurers, you can ensure you are invited to your friend’s new campaign 🙂

    Whats next for Demiplane

    First, we are continuing to collect thoughts, feedback, and any error reports as they come in. A big “thank you” to everyone who has provided direct feedback in our discord, over email, or via social media. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas: your feedback makes Demiplane better!

    Second, after a 24 hour breather, the team is running non-stop toward our next release. Now that our first phase of Early Access has been released, we have heard two things loud and clear from many of you:

    1. Demiplane looks slick. 
    2. Finish Demiplane. 

    Currently, Travis and I are determining what we can do to accomplish #2 (finish it) without compromising #1 (this looks slick) in an effort to deliver Demiplane to all of you and your Adventurer’s as rapidly as possible. Expect to see an update soon™ in this regard.

    Time to Get Back to Work!

    All in all, this has been a very exciting weekend for the Demiplane team, who you will meet in next week’s Planar Guide. We look forward to sharing more with you next week! 

    Keep adventuring!
    Peter & Travis


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