The Planar Guide | BIG Early Access Wins & Meet our Team

Welcome to our tenth edition of “The Planar Guide” – Demiplane’s email series that keeps you up-to-date with our ongoing development efforts. The feedback from everyone has been great as we move towards closing our second week of Early Access. Our 1,500+ Early Access users have created over 200 opportunities to play, and we are SO EXCITED! If you have any questions or thoughts, please continue to feel welcome to contact me directly at

If you have not yet registered for Demiplane and are interested in creating either a new Adventure or Adventuring Party, join Early Access now by following the link below:


Early Access: Whats next?

We have exciting news for all of our Early Access users! Instead of waiting until June 1st for full launch, we have decided to release ALL of Demiplane’s features to our Early Access users ahead of our official June 1st launch. This means Adventurers and Game Masters will be able to search for, request, join, and take part in games managed in Demiplane without limitation. This announcement comes with three important bullet points of information: 

– First, to make it possible to release all of Demiplane’s features earlier than we planned, we are going to take an extra couple of days to ensure you can enjoy Demiplane with minimal issues. This means we are not going to launch our second wave of Early Access capabilities on May 21st (because we are, instead, shooting to release ALL capabilities).

 Second, we don’t have an exact date for the release yet, but release will be before June 1st! We will be sending out another email and making an announcement on our Discord channel before the end of this week. 

– Third, all invitations for your friends to join any of the Adventures or Adventuring Parties you created will be sent out earlier than June 1st!  We think this is good news; however, if you have any concerns with anyone you have directly invited to receive an invitation to your Adventure before June 1st, please contact us directly.

Meet the Team Behind Demiplane


With all the extra effort to bring an early release, we thought it would be good to introduce you all to the team of people breathing life into this project! 

If you have been clicking around in Demiplane, you’ve likely used something developed by one of the team members below! Say ‘Hello’ to the team behind Demiplane:


Raphael is helping us out as we move closer to launch. We needed some help touching up a few areas that had great feedback in Early Access, and Raphael had the perfect time-window of availability and knowledge of the tech stack we are using. Raphael is a huge fan of RPGs – he learned to read by playing Crystalis and the original Final Fantasy on Nintendo. He’s also a former D&D and Rifts player. 

Demiplane Area of Focus: “Adjustments in preparation for Launch”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “Just finished a 100% playthrough of Hollow Knight with my daughter and am mastering the Ronin titan on Titanfall 2” 

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “I love that game masters now have a path to sustain their work via the Demiplane platform—a lot of time and care goes into crafting a great adventure!”


Jake has been a part of the Demiplane team since our first Alpha in November 2019. He’s a great addition to the team and a huge fan of Critical Role. Jake has, in some way, shape, or form, touched every aspect of the app. Jake is currently playing Balceran, a Ranger/Rogue/Fighter multiclass, in our weekly D&D 5e game and slays (sometimes).  

Demiplane Area of Focus: “Everything & Anything” 

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “‘The Witcher’ series”

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “Journals, because I’m terrible at remembering things in our campaign.”


Jess has been working with us since mid-January. She is a wizard of the front-end, and her hands are all over the implementation of our UI. Jess was the first team member to identify the Demiplane logo as an ‘ouroboros’ – symbolizing the ongoing cycle of adventure! Her prize was a virtual high five.

Demiplane Area of Focus: “Front-End”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “I enjoy watching a number of shows based in the medieval time period, including Vikings, Game of Thrones, and for some comic relief Miracle Workers: Dark Ages. I also enjoy science fiction, such as the Marvel films, the Star Wars series, and Westworld.”

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “My favorite part of working on Demiplane has been the people. I have really enjoyed working with Travis, Peter, and the rest of the team, and the community that is behind this project is a fun and passionate group of people. It means a great deal to have gotten to work on a project that the users and the owners are so enthusiastic about.”


Noah has also been working with us since mid-January. Noah’s skillset has taken him across the app, but his legacy will live on in the implementation of Stripe to handle payments between Game Masters and Adventurers. 
Demiplane Area of Focus: “Back-End (Payments)”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “Almost every night, my two oldest children and I have enjoyed sitting down and reading The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung together. The kids really love the vivid illustrations of forests, warriors, and adventures by Don Clark. When I get a quiet moment to myself, I’ve been working my way through Doug Adam’s masterwork on the score of the Lord of the Rings films.”

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “While they only play a small part in the app, I’m partial to the radar charts for matching up the styles of adventures as they put me in the mind of speccing out a build in Armored Core.”



Luke has also been a part of Demiplane since Alpha back in November. Luke first started playing D&D two years ago when he picked up the role as Kildrak, the drunken Dwarven Fighter. He later created Ervond, the Cleric whose antics ultimately saved a town from burning down after using ‘Sleet Storm’ to put out a fire. One of those stories that I guess you had to be there for… Luke has touched everything in the app, and you’ll see his fingerprints in our Messaging, Journals, and Tasks feature sets.
Demiplane Area of Focus: “Everything & Anything”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “Reading “The Witcher” series and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***”. Watching: Rick & Morty, just finished Westworld, trying out Veep and enjoying it, HarmonQuest (late to the game on this one), Final Space, Mythic Quest, Clone Wars, and at any given point likely making my umpteenth round through Community, Bojack Horseman Arrested Development, the IT Crowd, or Futurama (to name a few). Playing: Basically whatever the latest/hottest crafting/survival game is (7D2D, Ark, Atlas, Empyrion, Factorio, Minecraft, Subnautica), Stardew Valley if I want to relax, Rocket League if feeling competitive, Valorant if I want to be harassed by 12 year olds. The last week or so I’ve been immersed in Graveyard Keeper and loving it.” 

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “There’s a lot to love. The new search feature [to find your next adventure] is really cool. I am biased but I think the messaging is pretty awesome.”


Co-founder of Demiplane, Travis has been a part of Demiplane since its ‘notepad’ days when a few sketches and arrows were what we had and we had to roll dice uphill both ways. Travis has a burning desire to play more tabletop roleplaying games and explore different systems, but feels the barrier to entry is generally too high. This has made Travis a valuable “rock” for the team to lean on through the highs and lows of designing and developing Demiplane. Recently, he has taken lead on the ‘behind-the-scene’ complexities that enable the full team to bring Demiplane to life (and, as it turns out, that is not easy). 
Demiplane Area of Focus: “Operations & ‘Behind the Scenes’ Sorcery”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “8th Level Engineer in SW5e with a killer backstory (ask me about it sometime!), first time Paladin in D&D5e (smiting anything that walks), just started “The Mandalorian” (I know I’m late to the party), “The Office” is always on in the background.”

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “Demiplane is literally built to work with any TTRPG game system and work alongside any platform. A world where it is easier to play and host TTRPGs is a better place.”



The second Co-founder of Demiplane, Peter has been involved in Demiplane since ‘day one’. He feels strongly about shining a light on the amazing skills of and stories created by Game Masters and Adventurers of Tabletop Roleplaying games, many of which exercise the ability to both critically and creatively think about diverse problems in real-time. Peter creates most of the design that you see in the app today and dreams up what comes down the pipeline. He is the resident Demiplane Game Master and enjoys watching his party members die…. eh… I mean creating encounters that allow each of this party members to shine. 
Demiplane Area of Focus: “Design & bothering the team with questions like ‘What if, instead, we….’”

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: “Reading “How to Speak Machine” and sourcebooks for “Wolves of God” and “Lancer.” Binge watching “The Magicians” (this is your fault, Barlow). Playing D&D 5e (Cleric / Light and GMing), SW5e (Scholar / Geneticist), Bannerlord, Into the Breach, Conan Exiles, Empyrion, Path of Exile, Sins of a Solar Empire, Xenonauts, Rimworld, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, Stellaris…. I love games. “

Favorite Part of Demiplane: “Being a part of a team that is collectively dedicated to playing more tabletop roleplaying games is a pretty amazing experience.”


That’s the Team! You’ll Hear From Us Soon!

Our next goal is to get the completed Demiplane into your hands! We will make an announcement later this week on when you can expect our full release. 

We’ll be in touch!
Travis & Peter


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