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Welcome to our seventh edition of “The Planar Guide” – Demiplane’s blog/email series that keeps you up-to-date with our ongoing development efforts. We are in the single-digit days until Early Access, and the team here is consuming an insurmountable amount of caffeine, Poprocks, and Warheads (but never at the same time). It’s getting a little crazy! Regardless, this week’s message is going to lay out the specifics of what everyone who signs up for our May 7th Early Access will be able to accomplish. In next week’s Planar Guide, Travis and I will be answering YOUR questions about Demiplane! Reply to this email or hit us up in Discord with any questions you’d like to have answered. We won’t be able to include all of them in the email, but we will try and find some creative ways to address them.

We believe it is very important to launch on June 1st with a strong collection of adventures and adventuring parties ready for matchmaking. It is for this reason that we are opening our Early Access on May 7th with all users being able to access the following areas of our application:

Account Creation (get first dibs on your username – it is how others will identify you)

Create “Quests”as a Game Master seeking Adventurers

Create Adventuring Parties as a Party Leader – someone with a group of friends who wants to play but needs a Game Master


Travis and I are planning on keeping this first stage of Early Access open for two weeks and then opening up the official “Matchmaking” portion of the application to everyone in Early Access before “official” launch. A lot of you have been waiting to use Demiplane since November, and we just felt like you should be able to be first in line! Some of the GIFs below will change as we tweak things these next few days, but they should give you a good picture of what to expect at launch.

Account creation:
“My Mini’s have mini’s”

We are building Demiplane to find and play tabletop roleplaying games, so, when we approached account creation, we knew the most important thing was to get through account creation quickly. (That was a short meeting!)

In addition to your username (which identifies you to others in the app) and your name (which does not identify you to others in the app), we ask for the types of themes you enjoy in your games in addition to the amount of experience you have in playing tabletop roleplaying games. Throw in a verification code at the end of it all and you’re in! Welcome to Demiplane.

Creating Adventures
as a game master

Creating Adventures
as a Game Master

Game Masters that want to find Adventurers on Demiplane will be able to create ‘Quests’ starting May 7th. Quests contain information about your campaign or one-shot such as your general window of availability as a Game Master, the game system you’ll be using, a short summary of the adventure, and what types of themes influence your adventure or campaign. A number of people have asked what type of information will be needed to create adventures, so we’ve listed them below:

– General availability (what hours are you available on which days)
– Whether this adventure is intended to be a recurring adventure or a one-time adventure
– Email addresses of anyone specific you want to invite directly to this adventure
– Number of players you want to have in this adventure
– Game System you’ll be using
– Whether you run a game that can be focused on welcoming New Adventurers or not
– The name of your adventure
– A brief description of your adventure

So you’ve seen a bit
of adventure?

Not every adventure has to start in a seedy tavern with a brooding tiefling in one corner and flamboyant paladin at the bar. Some adventures come ready to rock and roll – and that’s where Demiplane’s Adventuring Party system comes in. Groups of friends who are seeking a Game Master can select a Party Leader. This Party Leader is able to create an Adventuring Party that is posted on Demiplane for Game Masters to see and request to host. Much like creating a quest, you’ll need the following information to set up your Adventuring Party: 

– General availability of your group (the Party Leader will need to determine this ahead of time for the whole party).

– Emails for the adventurers you are going to invite (Adventuring parties require a minimum of 3 adventurers).

– The game system you are looking to play

– Whether your party has any new players

– The name of your Adventuring Party (please be appropriately creative – it’s more fun that way 🙂 )

– A brief description of your Adventuring Party that will be shown to interested Game masters.

– Emails for at least two other friends who will be joining your Adventuring Party

Early Access incoming

Starting May 7th, you will be able to log into Demiplane and navigate through the three features above. On May 21st, we will be opening up Matchmaking. Interested adventurers weill be able to search what adventures are out there and Game Masters can see if any adventuring parties could be a great fit. We are excited to be in a position to share these with you! Next week’s Planar Guide will be our first Q&A, so feel welcome to submit any questions for Travis and I either here or in our Discord channel! 

Finally, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments directly or on our growing Discord!

Peter & Trav


Since we started writing these weekly emails, nearly 2,000 new users have signed up for Demiplane Early Access. We are so excited to share Demiplane with you all! 

Given we have so many new Adventurers and Game Masters on board, Travis and I thought it would be helpful to share links to some of our past Planar Guides. Click here to view them all.

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