Planar Tales: The White Dragon of Hülgäld

Deadly blizzards and a white dragon? join the local guild in protecting hülgäld!

Hello and Welcome to Planar Tales! Each Planar Tale is told by an Adventuring Party using Demiplane alongside their adventures and features a story that had their group clamoring for more!


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October’s Planar Tale comes to us from the table of Game Master @kriosjan, who takes us north to the frost-covered town of Hülgäld in ‘The Tale of the White Dragon of Hülgäld’. While trekking to Hülgärd, your party will hear the townsfolk remark upon the sudden string of deadly flash-blizzards that have devastated the hunstmen’s guild. If they stay a little longer, whispers about a strange white dragon flying over the nearby mountain will find their ears. Is the dragon causing this uncanny weather? Are the members of the hunstmen’s guild as helpful as they seem? Can your adventuring party help save the town of Hülgäld?

Grab your warmest gear and prepare to embark on an ice-covered dragon-slaying Adventure! 


Location: Kavatyr, Hülgäld

Hulgurd Alehouse

Life in Hülgäld is cold and unforgiving, but the promises of wealth from rare furs and bestial components are a siren’s song to those with the fortitude and martial resolve to claim them. The town’s runic-enchanted walls keep its denizens safe from the worst effects of the cold, while the packed halls of Kavatyr, a wooden alehouse with crackling hearth fires and ever-flowing ales and roasted meats, handle the rest. The permanent residents of Hülgäld, mainly dwarves, humans, and demi-giants, support the Huntsmen’s guild and its members, seeing to equipment repairs and other necessities. The guild’s headquarters, designed to look like conjoined longships, coordinates expeditions into the untamed wilderness, and is the first stop for any party seeking the wealth this land has to offer.

         Or it would be, if not for the deadly flash blizzards that have been striking the region without warning. And, as if things couldn’t get any worse, a huge white dragon has just been spotted flying in the mountains. Are these two events connected, or just coincidence? Jakob and Natasha are assembling the largest expedition in guild history to find the answer. Do you have what it takes to join them?

NPC: Jakob & Natasha

Natasha, Half-Giant Badass

Jakob and Natasha are Hülgäld’s power-couple. As heralded members of “Jötun’s Fist,” (a band of adventurers known for tackling the impossible) their adventures have taken them far and wide. Both are frost half-giants (half human, half frost giant) and Jakob stands at 10ft tall, while Natasha stands a little taller at 11 ½ft. When faced with a problem, Jakob’s  preferred solution tends to be hand-to-hand combat or shifting into his fearsome dire-Kodiak form, whereas Natasha enjoys coordinating the attack and raining death on their enemies with javelin-sized arrows and “Rettasvell” (Frost’s Reach), her magical greatbow chiseled from a planar-elemental icicle.

During their travels across the north,  Jakob and Natasha fell in love and, after a number of years, decided to “retire”. Acting on their dreams of opening the grandest alehouse “the likes of which were yet unseen”, they founded Kavatyr in Hülgäld, the land of their collective frost giant heritage. When not tending to the alehouse, both Jakob and Natasha share their seasoned expertise and counsel with the huntsmen’s guild and spend evenings caring for their newborn fraternal twins. The couple’s newfound normal  is now in jeopardy as Hülgäld is buffeted by flash-blizzards and a fearsome white dragon. Jakob and Natasha must use their clout and accrued wealth to assemble the largest expedition the huntsmen’s guild has ever fielded to get to the bottom of this threat. 

Jakob w Direbear

Magic Item: Personal Embercite

Embercite - Like hand warmers but not

The first dwarves who discovered embercite described it as: “a peculiar crystal with a curious disposition for the element of fire and whose stable arcane lattice allows for the relatively non-intensive imbuement of long lasting enchantments.”

Found in geodes deep within the earth, it quickly saw use in enchanted heaters for use in their mineshafts and other important spaces, eventually finding its way to wealthier residents’ households as heating devices.

When the walls of Hülgäld were being erected, a great deal of embercite exchanged hands at significant cost, but its effect is now worth its weight in gold. Snow rarely stays on the ground for long within the walls and the air is always significantly warmer than beyond the walls. With the current events being what they are, Jakob and Natasha have commissioned a handful of portable and personal embercite devices for use in their expedition to help provide a safe journey to the mountains where the dragon resides.  

Art by Carli Ihde (@carlieyed on Instagram)



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