Planar Tales: The Missing Adventurers of Springsorrow

Magic Items for sale and friendly Taverns to visit! what could go wrong in Springsorrow? 

Hello and Welcome to the first story in our Planar Tales series. “Planar Tales” is a series dedicated to connecting Game Masters through the medium of creative storytelling. Each Planar Tale is created by a Game Master who hosts Adventures on Demiplane and each one features a storyscape that had their Adventuring Parties excited for more. Planar Tales include a unique location, an important character (or key group of characters), and a special item, or “McGuffin”. All of these elements were concocted from Game Masters that you can now use as inspiration for your own Adventures.

In this Planar Tales, Game Master and Demiplane Co-founder Peter Romenesko (demipete) paints an introduction to ‘Springsorrow,’ a small hamlet known for dealing in all sorts of arcane trinkets, as well as magical weapons and armor. Overall, an enticing place for Adventurers to explore.

While visiting Springsorrow, your Adventurers may begin asking questions that make them want to stay a bit longer: Where do all these magic items come from? Why is the well always guarded? Doesn’t Sir Tremblewood seem a bit… off? What is it about the forest that keeps a town full of Adventurers at bay?

We hope you find inspiration and adventure in this Planar Tale’s storyscape: The Missing Adventurers of Springsorrow.

Location: Springsorrow

Springsorrow is a small hamlet that has prospered despite the wetlands that surround it. The town has a reputation for being a place whereAdventurers lay down their weapons and armor after their many years of dungeon-delving. Manicured streets cross the town, which is filled with quiet homes and flashy storefronts that offer unique and magical goods. The people are pleasant so long as visitors contribute to the peaceful environment they’ve worked hard to achieve. 

At the highest point in Springsorrow rests a large, extravagant manor. Its stone walls are fortified, the peaks of its roof can be seen from every point in town, and the main gate is often locked. Visitors to Springsorrow  occasionally get a glimpse of Sir Tanner Tremblewood, a former Paladin, as he walks through the halls of the manor deep in conversation despite never accepting guests. Sir Tremblewood is Springsorrow’s acting mayor and the local preacher during the hamlet’s holy days. 

To newcomers, Springsorrow appears peaceful and idyllic – as quaint as one could imagine. Anyone who stays more than a day or two feels like it’s the kind of place where you could envision returning to when your days of adventuring have come to a close.

NPC: Sir Tanner Tremblewood

Player Background: Sir Tanner Tremblewood is credited with being the leading force behind Springsorrow’s most recent success and helped recruit retired Adventurers to set up homes in town. When seen around Springsorrow, the exceptionally tall Sir Tremblewood (nearly 7 feet!) wears gleaming plate mail and an equally brilliant smile. His shoulder-length dark hair shines in the sunlight and there’s a twinkle in his eye that hints at the countless wonders he has witnessed.  

Game Master Background: Though Sir Tanner Tremblewood has the appearance of a successful Adventurer and a Paladin, there’s something oddly other-worldly about them. Their appearance shimmers and shifts when under a watchful eye – could that be a glimmer from the sun? – and Tremblewood speaks of adventures across many worlds and planes fondly, leaving one hard-pressed to believe that Tremblewood has settled for such a quaint place like Springsorrow. 

In actuality, Sir Tremblewood is a Rakshasa, a demon-tiger from the Nine Hells who lures Adventurers seeking peace and retirement into their web of enchantment. Rakshasa are known for a delicate but formidable approach to realizing their ambition – which is to secure dominion over others. This specific demon, masquerading as Sir Tremblewood, has been using Springsorrow as a base of operations. Filling Springsorrow with retired Adventurers is a key part of his undertaking: these Adventurers bring with them the magical items necessary to maintain the demon’s powerful illusions and the charm-based magics that turn once-mighty Adventurers into the Rakshasa’s thralls. 

You can learn more about Rakshasa from Ketih Amman’s great website, The Monsters Know What They’re Doing

Item / Mcguffin: Braziers of Illusion & Enchantment

Sir Tanner Tremblewood maintains control over powerful illusions and charm-based magics through the use of two braziers that feed on the magical energy from items imbued with illusions and enchantments. Such items carry a high value in Springsorrow and, depending on how much time the brazier has left before needing to be refueled, visiting Adventurers – and their magic items – occasionally go missing. The Brazier of Illusion is a beautiful, ornate silver brazier located in a dark forest to the west of town, protected by some of Sir Tremblewood’s demonic allies. The Brazier of Enchantment is hidden elsewhere – it may be found in an underground cavern accessible only through a town well, which is always under careful watch for – you know – your safety.

Art by Carli Ihde (@carlieyed on Instagram).

Coming soon!

Planar Tales: The Tale of the White dragon of Hülgäld

Let us know what stories blossomed in your version of Springsorrow! Our next installment of Planar Tales takes us north into the frigid colds of Hülgäld, first brought to life by Game Master @kriosjan.


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