Planar Tales: Invitation to Infinity

Can you track down inter-dimensional fugitives and prevent alternate realities from shattering?

Hello and Welcome to Planar Tales! Each Planar Tale is shared by aGame Master using Demiplane alongside their adventures and features a story that had their group clamoring for more! 

November’s Planar Tale  takes us to Mt. Olympus, the second satellite campus of Infinity Inc., an organization in the business of time travel and dimension hopping. You and your Adventuring Party are part of a mostly-secret group known as “Team 9”, tasked with handling the most pressing threats to Infinity and to Homeline. You’ve heard word that two rogue dimension-hoppers have found their way to an alternate dimension, now on the brink of collapse. Can you find and neutralize the threats in time? What powers course through the necromium blade and those who wield it?

Check your dossier and prepare yourselves for a multi-dimensional Adventure, from Demiplane GM NeonBeyond! 

Invitation to Infinity

Welcome to Infinity, a massive corporation that maintains a significant multi-dimensional competitive advantage in the business of time travel and dimension-hopping. At the heart of their business operations are an incalculable number of multiverses, alternate timelines, and dimensions that all exist simultaneously.

Your band of explorers has arrived at Mt. Olympus – Infinity’s second office campus – and hail from times and places across many different dimensions. If you’re a Game Master, this means your Adventuring Party has free reign to make whatever type of character they wish! Are they looking to create a pair of high-fantasy wizards who can trade barbs with a space marine and his sentient pet rock? You’ve come to the right place. You are collectively known as “Team-9” – a super-secret force of adventurers that handle the toughest jobs Infinity Inc. has to offer. No matter the background of your Adventurers, there is one mission that unites them: Protecting “Homeline”, the primary timeline, from whatever may threaten it. 

Location: Infinity Inc. Campus II, also known as Mt. Olympus

Let’s face it: a company that sends Adventurers across the known and unknown universe needs to offer great benefits to those that work there. That’s why Infinity Inc expanded to a second campus, fondly known by employees as Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus is nestled within New Mexico’s Carabello mountain range where it is disguised within a hollowed-out mountain. Just like every massive Corporate headquarters, construction is always underway on Mt. Olympus to accommodate the company’s 100K+ employees that come in from all sorts of wild and crazy dimensions. Of course, there’s also the high pay and great office perks, including a 10% discount at most of the company-run restaurants inside. Employment also provides 24/7 access to the Ferris wheel and a log flume ride.

If there’s one company that understands what’s needed to keep employee morale high after having to stop an interdimensional incursion of cat pirates or a wayward demonic plague wiping out an entire species, it’s Infinity Inc.

NPCs: Sergey & Anna

Recently Team-9 has learned that two rogue Infinity Inc subcontractors have stolen a proprietary mechanism that allows for transit to alternate universes. Not only is the theft of company property frowned upon at Infinity Inc, but these two now-former subcontractors have also traveled with the explicit plan to cause significant and, even worse, unsanctioned harm.  

These two make for a dangerous duo for your Adventuring Party to encounter.

First is Sergey Zabludov, an Atomic Lich, and second is Anna Matsumoto, with a double PhD in Necromancy and Abjuration, as well as an MS in Post-Modern Alchemy 

Sergey’s dossier includes an image of an undead lich-type individual. The left side of his face is partially-covered by remnants of desiccated flesh, while the right side consists of only skull. He appears to glow a radioluminescent green and has a penchant for wearing dark-colored, well-tailored suits and ties.

The second, Anna, is Japanese. Her body is covered with elaborate tattoos and her “business attire” would best be described as cyber-goth.  


Classified company records indicate Sergey and Anna were romantically involved and secretly sought to start a new life together in another world. Unfortunately, Sergey’s high-levels of radioactivity risk changing the balance of certain dimensions, causing a complete deconstruction of existence. Since the shattering of alternate dimensions hurts quarterly research quotas and profits, it’s up to Team-9 to ensure Sergey and Anna are apprehended.  

Infinity has asked your team to recover these subcontractors – preferably alive. In addition to your standard Infinity loadout, you are given one bullet made of depleted Necromium. These eliminate a target and disperses any radiation until a cleanup crew can be summoned to your dimension – a critical item if things with Sergey don’t go as planned. Prior to accepting the mission, Team-9 is informed of a dangerous but powerful ancient artifact that can be used in place of a Necromium bullet: the Necromium blade. Unlike the ‘fire-and-forget’ Necromium bullet, the blade can be used to disperse radiation damage time and time again – the perfect assassin’s tool, if put in the wrong hands. While in combat, the Necromium Blade destabilizes the dimension the blade is currently in, pulling various bits and pieces of parallel dimensions in at random. Despite its volatile nature, the blade grants the user great abilities that many find valuable – at least for a short while. 

McGuffin: Necromium Blade / The Sacred Blade of the Cliomancer

The Necromium blade is an uncontrollable artifact that previously made its way into Homeline after being discovered by the undeserving hands of an Infinity employee.

A powerful weapon with a history of its own, this sentient blade is known as “The Sacred Blade of the Cliomancer” by those who study such things. It is rumored to belong to a supremely powerful warlock who lost it to an Infinity, Inc. employee who, in turn, left it at a bar and a picture of it was leaked to social media. Since then, the Necromium blade has forced itself through time and space to find a new owner worthy of its great power. 

Depending on the game system you play, the Necromium blade’s statistics can vary. Ideally, it is meant for high-tier gameplay and allows for those that hold it to cast high-tier powers (such as reconstructing the dimension they are in with items from neighboring realities). These sorts of abilities should not be accessible to the average adventurer, but we all know we want to so feel free to let chaos reign if you so choose! As a Game Master, NeonBeyond used this blade as a method of opening higher-tier powers and abilities to characters who may normally not have access (and was able to get creative with the consequences)!


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