The Planar Guide | Using Demiplane with Friends

Welcome to our second edition of “The Planar Guide” – Demiplane’s email series that will keep you up-to-date with our progress and features. You can count on the Planar Guide being delivered directly to your inbox each week. This week we are highlighting how users can create “Adventuring Parties,” which are groups of friends who are seeking for Game Masters to lead them on adventures!

🔍 Friends Seeking Adventure

Our original idea for Demiplane came as an effort to make it easier for groups of friends to find Game Masters. This is why we made Adventuring Parties a key component of Demiplane at launch. Adventuring Parties are groups of three or more friends who are seeking a Game Master to lead them on adventures.

 🏴Select Your Party Captain!

To create an Adventuring Party, one person from your group will select the “We are Players seeking a GM” button from the CREATE section of Demiplane. Congratulations – you are now the party captain! The first thing you’ll need to do as the party captain is select when you and your friends are available to play. This will ensure the Game Master’s who find your party are already available during those times! After your availability is set, the party captain will invite each of their friends to the party.

⚔️You’ve Got My Sword & My Blaster Rifle
With your friends invited and availability set, the party captain shares a bit of information about your party. This information includes: how many players you have in your party, the game system your group is looking to play, whether your party has any new players, and – finally – you get to name your party and share a bit about your group. This information will all be shown to Game Masters, so keep it GM-friendly 🙂

🤝 Let’s Shake On It

To make your Adventuring Party Demiplane-official, the party captain will wrap up the process by indicating where this group falls on each of Demiplane’s adventuring themes: heavy on combat but light on mind puzzles? Sounds like my group! Use Demiplane’s sliders to indicate your preference. Finally, indicate whether your group is willing to pay your future Game Master (and, if so, how much) and – if everything looks right – submit your Adventuring Party to be displayed to Game Masters searching for a party to host on Demiplane. If anything changes, the Party Captain will be able to make adjustments or remove the post. 

What’s Next For Demiplane?

We wanted to make finding adventures as easy as possible on Demiplane. That’s why creating Adventuring Parties will be one of the features available during Demiplane’s Early Access session, which launches May 7th! Our goal is to make sure our users are able to hit the ground Adventuring when we officially launch on June 1st.

Next week, the “Planar Guide” will cover all the details on our Early Access: who is invited, what it involves, what users will be able to do, and more!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or thoughts!

Peter & Trav


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