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First and foremost – we hope this message finds all of our adventurers weathering this wild and ever-changing environment. We know the situation is tough for many; please take a moment to appreciate all of the creative potential you can bring into the world. We cannot wait to see how Demiplane helps amplify your untold story, whether it be as a campaign or a character. Take care of yourself! — Peter & Travis


The Planar Guide Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of “The Planar Guide” – a Demiplane email newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with our progress and features! You can count on The Scroll being delivered directly to your inbox each week. We look forward to sharing our progress with you as the team pushes hard towards our June 1st launch date. If you see anything in this message that excites you, concerns you, or triggers a new idea, please feel free to head to our Discord and share with us!

Without further ado! We are pleased to share the first edition of “The Scroll,” featuring a summary of how Demiplane will support matchmaking when you are a Game Master.

✊ Adventurers – Assemble!

In Demiplane, we believe it should be just as easy for a Game Master to find adventurers as it is for adventurers to find Game Masters – they are different sides of the same coin, after all! Getting this matchmaking process right has always been at the core of our design and I expect the process to evolve as we see more use and collect your feedback. Until then, we thought it would be valuable to share how the matchmaking process will work. We hope you are able to take this information and begin thinking about what type of adventure you may want to host next!

🏰 Creating Your Quest in Demiplane

Every adventurer has a desire to seek out their quest! In Demiplane, adventurers search through “Quests” as they decide which game and host they would like to play with. To create a Quest in Demiplane, a GM will select “I’m a GM seeking Players” from our ‘Create’ menu in the bottom navigation. This will take you through the process of creating your own quest that the world will be able to see! Exciting!

After selecting your loose availability, Game Masters have the opportunity to invite a group of specific adventurers they want to make sure get in their Quest. If you have a friend or two that you want to be able to invite directly, enter their email address and they will get an invitation to your Quest once it is finished. Those invite emails will allow users you enter to circumvent the need to search for your game and secure their position immediately.

Bringing Your Quest to Life

With availability and direct party members secured, you now have the opportunity to share what makes your adventure yours! Select how many new players you will accept, which Game System you are using (if you don’t see a game system in the list that we should have, please let us know!), whether you would like to have your game specifically targeted to new players, the title and description of your adventure, whether you plan for this to be a one-shot or a campaign, and, finally, you get to select a “Demicard” image that will represent your adventure across the Demiplane. We are constantly looking for new Demicard images and artists!

Your Quest is nearly complete! With a catchy title and description in hand, Game Masters now define how much influence each of the six key themes Demiplane tracks for their adventure. The six key themes we track on a scale of “Less of” to “More of” are:

⚔️ Combat
🎭 Roleplaying
🗣 Social Intrigue
🧩 Puzzles & Logic
🧪 Homebrew Rules
🧙‍♂️ Player-Driven Stories

Don’t worry – each adventure you create can have a different “feel”! Once a Quest’s themes are set, Demiplane asks whether this game will be a free adventure or a paid adventure (and how much). This information is all made available to be searched throughout Demiplane’s list of open quests as soon as you select “Post Your Quest.”

As you can see, we have put thought into the line a matchmaking service like ours should walk in this early process: we want to do our part in ensuring Game Masters and Players have a fantastic experience while also not limiting the opportunity for either to stretch outside of comfort zones. That is why when a player requests to join a Quest, that Game Master is able to chat with them. We are not trying to replace the interactions between storytellers and players; we want to augment what is happening today in various corners of the internet and increase the likelihood of having a blast once the first dice is rolled!

We hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at what it will be like for a Game Master building their first Quest in Demiplane. Creating Quests will be one of the two features available in Early Access (which starts May 7th). This will ensure we’ve got a great list of open adventures ready for players to join ahead of our June 1, 2020 launch!

Next week we will cover the second feature available in Early Access – creating an Adventuring Party, or gathering a group of players who are seeking a Game Master to lead them on a campaign!

Stay safe and stay in touch,
Travis & Peter


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