Feature Update: Adventure Recruitment & Notifications

Let your next Adventure find you! 

Demiplane allows you to take your tabletop RPG with you wherever you go, and our newest update makes it easier than ever for Adventurers and Game Masters to find each other. We are excited to share that Demiplane’s Adventure Recruitment engine and our Notification System have gone live today. So, how will Recruitment help fill games faster? How can notifications enhance your gaming experience? Let’s take a look at what both new features can do for you.

Notification System

Coordinating the right group and scheduling your next session are the hardest parts of getting a game off the ground, so we’ve added notifications to make that process even easier. The in-app notifications panel lets you know what activity took place while you were gone, whether that’s a message from a Game Master, a new journal entry that was shared by a friend, or you’ve got an Adventure that is about to start. 

Even the Ewoks want in

Even the Ewoks want in.

You can check in on your notifications by selecting the bell in the top right corner of your Demiplane home screen and you’ll only be notified when something important happens in a game you’re connected to. In addition to our in-app notification panel, Demiplane users on desktop and Android devices can now receive push notifications about their connected Adventures.  

Adventure Recruitment

With our new Recruitment Engine, Game Masters and Adventurers now have a new option to find each other! When you enable Recruitment you can set your preferences and let Game Masters know you’re ready to find the next Adventure. To turn Recruitment on (it defaults to “off”), head to your Demiplane Profile and select “Recruitment Settings”. Here you’ll enter your availability, preferred game systems, and a favorite VTT. You’ll only be suggested for Quests that match your preferences exactly, so you’ll never be invited to an Adventure that doesn’t match your schedule or your style! 

For Game Masters, you can now use Recruitment to fill your Quests faster. Once your Quest has been created, you will see an option to recruit new adventurers under the ‘messages’ tab. You’ll see pre-filtered, suggested Adventurers here and you can invite them directly with just one click.

Demiplane Recruitment Engine

Recruitment is a great way to find your next Adventure even faster and, with notifications, you’ll never miss an invitation to an awesome Quest! 

We hope that you enjoy Adventure Recruitment and Notifications. In order to get the latest version of the Demiplane app, you’ll want to do a hard reload. To do that, hit CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + R and you’ll refresh to the most updated version. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for future updates, please feel free to email me directly!



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