Frequently Asked Questions

Use Demiplane to create a digital dimension for Tabletop Role Playing Adventuring Party! We update our Frequently Asked Questions as we collect more and more feedback from Adventurers like you! Have a question that isn’t listed here? Check out our Support Center 

Using Demiplane

Is Demiplane free to use?

Yes! Demiplane is free to use and supports the creation of both free and paid Adventures. Entering payment information is not required to use Demiplane, unless you wish to take part in a paid Adventure.

What Games Can I Play in Demiplane?

You can use Demiplane to connect with your friends for almost any reason. When it comes to Matchmaking, we currently track over 180 games and we’re always adding more! If you don’t see the game you’d like to play, head to our support page and submit any game systems you would like to see added!

Can My Children Use Demiplane?

Demiplane is currently for users 18 and older. We are working to figure out the best way to incorporate the “under-18” crowd into Demiplane, especially as we feel strongly that tabletop role playing games are a fantastic way to develop key social skills.

What Devices Can I Use to Access Demiplane?

Demiplane is available in your web browser and can be saved to your mobile home screen.

I'm Not in the US. Can I Use Demiplane?

Demiplane is currently available for users in the United States. We are working on making Demiplane available in other countries.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment lets Game Masters know that you’re ready for an Adventure! Once you turn on Recruitment and set your preferences, including which games you like to play, when you’re available to play, and what your gaming style is, you’ll be recommended for games that match your preferences. You’ll only be recommended for Adventures that match your profile exactly, so you can let the perfect Quest find you!

What do my Theme Scores mean?

Theme Scores reflect your gaming preferences! When you are searching for open Quests in Demiplane, these are the numbers part of what we use to help match you to your next Adventure! We use 6 different areas to help determine your compatibility with Quests: Combat, Puzzles, Social, Player Driven, Roleplaying, and Homebrew. Set your “Combat” theme score higher if you enjoy a rousing battle as part of your gameplay. Set “Puzzles” higher if you like solving puzzles as part of your Quest and set “Social” higher if you enjoy interacting with other players and NPCs. “Player Driven” means that you enjoy having more control over where you go and what you do during an Adventure (as opposed to the Game Master driving the Adventure-bus). Select a higher Roleplaying score if you enjoy roleplaying and busting out those improv chops. Finally, set Homebrew higher if you enjoy games where the Game Master creates some of their own items and mechanics!

Who can use Demiplane?

Everyone! Seriously though, Demiplane is for Game Masters and for Adventurers of all skill levels. We believe that the tabletop community has a wealth of experiences and we like to celebrate all of them!

Where Do I Create an Account?

You can create an account by heading to the “Login” page on our website or by going to

How do I Download the Demiplane App?

You don’t need to download Demiplane – you can access it right from the browser on your computer, tablet, or phone! If you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can save Demiplane to your home screen for easy access.

Adventuring in Demiplane

Where Do I Play?

Your Game Master will set up an Adventure Portal for your Quest within Demiplane. They will let you know if they’re going to use a virtual tabletop or another platform. You will have access to voice, video, and lots of other great features right through the Demiplane app!

Can I Beta Test My Game on Demiplane?

We are working to create a method for aspiring game designers to find Demiplane users who are interested in becoming play-tested. Please contact us if you’re interested in this feature.

Can I Leave an Adventure after it's started?

Yes. We would recommend providing feedback to your Game Master before leaving, and, if it was a serious issue, please reach out to us HERE so we can address it.

Can I Ask an Adventurer to Leave a Quest?

Yes. If you created the Portal, you have full control over the users inside of it. We recommend providing feedback to the Adventurer before removing them.

I'm in a Paid Game and I Want to Leave. Will I Be Charged?

Sometimes a session isn’t working out like you thought it would. Demiplane has a one-hour grace period during which an Adventurer can leave without being charged. After they’ve been in an episode for an hour, Adventurers will be charged the session’s cost if they choose to leave.

How Do I Turn On Recruitment?

Head on over to your Profile in Demiplane! Underneath your information there’s a button that says “Recruitment Settings”. Click there to turn on Recruitment settings and fill out your preferences! For more information on Recruitment, view our Recruitment Guide here

What Does My Match Percentage Mean?

When you search for a Quest in Demiplane, the percentage that you see on the Quest tile is how closely your Theme Scores match the Theme Scores of the Adventure. The higher the percentage, the closer the match!

Can I Share My Quest on Social Media?

Absolutely! After you create your Adventure Portal, you can get your link to share the Portal with your friends or others. If you’re playing in an Adventure and you wish to share the game with other players, you can find the share link under Portal Settings.

This Quest Says it's $2, What Does That Mean?

If a Quest is listed as $2, that means that the GM chargers $2 per player, per game. So if it’s a one-shot Quest with 4 Adventurers, that Game Master will get $8 to add to their new-dice fund! If it’s a recurring Adventure, that $2 cost is per episode.

What Should I Tell Others About My Adventure?

Adventures that include a detailed Adventure description and set, specific times for availability tend to fill fastest.

How Do I Invite My Friends?

You can invite your friends directly to a Quest via email or you can send them the invite link, which will direct them to the Adventure you’d like them to join!

What If I Want to Learn More Before Joining a Game?

If you want to find out more before a game, the best way to do that is to speak with the Game Master! Before you commit to joining the Adventure, you can use our chat capabilities to discuss any questions you might have about how, when, or where the game is played!

Do I Have to Apply to Be a Game Master?

No, Demiplane does not require you to apply to be a Game Master. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth (or thousandth!) time running an Adventure, we are excited to have you as a Game Master with us! Anyone can try their hand as a Game Master or as an Adventurer in Demiplane (and you can do both!).


What is Demiplane’s policy on Harassment?

You can read Demiplane’s Code of Conduct, which we take very seriously, here

Where do I report a Bug?

If you hit a snag using Demiplane, we want to know about it! Visit our Support Center or press the ‘Support’ button in the lower corner of this website and we’ll help you right away. Thank you for reporting bugs to us!

How Do I Request a New Feature?

We love hearing new ideas our users have! Send your feature requests to use by using the Support button at the bottom of this webpage!

I'm having trouble logging in. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues logging in! Please press the Support button in the lower part of this page and one of our team members will help you log on!