The Planar Guide | Early Access Q&A

Welcome to our eighth edition of “The Planar Guide” – Demiplane’s email series that keeps you up-to-date with our ongoing development efforts. It’s Early Access week in the Demi-verse and things are really flying! We are looking forward to launching Early Access this Thursday, May 7th! In today’s Planar Guide, Travis and I are answering questions that have been submitted by our 5,000+ pre-registered Game Masters and Adventurers.

Early Access Questions

Q: Where do I sign up for Early Access? Am I in Early Access?

A: Travis – If you are receiving this email, you have already signed up for Early Access. We will be sending out invitation emails on Thursday for you to be one of the first to create an account for Demiplane.

Q: Can I join games during Early Access? When can I join games?

A: Travis – Yes. Everyone will be able to search and request to join adventurers starting May 21st. Game Masters can create their Quests between May 7th and May 21st. Also, Adventurers will be able to create their “Adventuring Parties” with friends during that same time.

Q: I have found spelling errors in your email newsletter. Do y’all need an editor?

A: Travis – Yes.
A: Peter – Of coarse.

Player/gm rating questions


Q: How will GM/Adventurer rating work? Have you considered (this rating method)?

A: Peter – This is a popular question right now. After our last email about the initial Demiplane rating system, we received an influx of great feedback. Part of that feedback included a number of compelling cases why the option to ‘down vote’ / ‘thumbs down’ would be counterproductive to what the rating system was trying to achieve. We decided to remove the downvote and collect ‘up votes’ / ‘thumbs up’ votes or ‘neutral’ votes only. These ratings will take place after each session you are a part of. You can only be rated by other individuals that are a part of that session.
Q: Will other people be able to see my rating? My awards?

A: Travis – Yes, at specific times. If you are trying to join an adventure, the Game Master will be able to review your rating, the amount of time you’ve spent playing adventures, and the number of awards you’ve achieved. You will also be able to see the Game Master’s profile and ratings, as well. You will not be able to see rating or award information of other players unless you are in an adventure with them.


Quests, Adventuring Parties, & Payment Questions

Q: I love the idea of Adventuring Parties! Why the 3-person minimum?

A: Peter – The three person minimum for Adventuring Parties was a very scientific approach: Two felt too low, four felt too high, and half a person felt like that would be hard to pull off. The three person minimum is only for parties seeking a Game Master. A Game Master can create an adventure and invite or seek one (or more) adventurers if they would like.

Q: Do you only allow paid games in Demiplane?

A: Peter – Demiplane allows for both free and paid adventures. The same goes for Adventuring parties: some groups of friends are willing to pay for a Game Master, others are not. Both are welcome in Demiplane! We are not collecting payment information at this stage of Early Access, but you will be able to set a dollar amount per person, per session for your Quest if you would like.

Q: What if I only want to play free games?

A: Travis – You will be able to filter on adventures with no cost. If an adventure has a cost attached to it, you will also see the cost called out specifically like on this image here (pardon our test data):
Smiley face
Q: How does Demiplane make money?

A: Peter – Our approach with Demiplane is to only collect value when value is being created. For this reason, we will take a fee from payments transacted between a paid Game Master and players. Below is an illustration of how Demiplane will be handling these transaction fees at launch.

Smiley face


Ask Questions on discord!

The questions don’t have to stop here. Please know that you are welcome to ask questions to us directly or by reaching out to us over Discord. We are excited to be in a position to share Early Access with you in just a few days!

See you Thursday!
Peter & Trav


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