Code of Conduct

Last Updated Date: 5/4/2020

Demiplane unites Adventurers and Game Masters to create epic stories through tabletop roleplaying games. As a part of an inclusive TTRPG community, Demiplane will be a place where Game Masters and Adventurers can feel comfortable and welcomed. This Code of Conduct has been created to provide guidelines for acceptable use of our platform, as well as provide an outline of things that are unacceptable. We expect all members of the community to abide by these guidelines as well as adhere to the Terms of Service. Violators will be subject to restriction and/or removal.

1. General guidelines

Demiplane is designed to connect and enhance the experience of all Game Masters and Adventurers. As such, we expect members of our community to be inclusive and welcoming to those that they connect to through our platform. As such, please refrain from:

● Posting unacceptable content and materials, such as those of obscene, graphic, violent, or porographic nature,

● Inappropriate behaviors such as hazing, trolling, bullying, defamation, and intolerance,

● Unacceptable use of the Demiplane community, such as commercial advertising, overt self-promotion, or discussion of or participation in illegal activities

● Improper use of the Demiplane platform, such as spamming, linking, and abuse of reporting tools.

2. Discrimination and Harassment

Demiplane has a zero-tolerance Discrimination and Harassment Policy. As a member of an inclusive community, there is no place for discrimination of any form, overt or coded, on the platform.

3. Adventure Briefs, Party Descriptions, and Bios

Adventure briefs are a great place for a Game Master to describe what type of expedition future adventurers may be embarking on or a brief synopsis of the world they’ve built. Party descriptions, however, are a great place for Adventurers to introduce their group, their playstyles, and any intended goals of their experience. Adventure briefs and party descriptions are not a place for users to post links, use explicit language, or include obscene ideas. These posts should be kept to a level of PG-13 as a reference.

Whenever someone uses the matchmaking functionality of Demiplane, their profile bio will be displayed. This is a place for you to include any helpful information about yourself, your experiences, or why you love TTRPGs. Do not use this area as a place for self-promotion or expression of divisive or questionable topics. Demiplane is meant to bring people together, not drive them apart.

4. Chat Guidelines

Demiplane offers chat functionality in two distinct areas of the platform: matchmaking and active adventuring.  Matchmaking chat is provided to assist Game Masters and Adventurers get to know each other, see if there will be a good fit, and work out game logistics. After an adventure has kicked off, chat is available for each active game to provide a medium for adventurers to interact with other party members, their Game Master, or the whole group.  Active adventure chat is meant to be the place you go to discuss each adventure, plot your escapades for the following adventure, and work out logistics among the group.

Neither of these places where chat is available is a space for people to engage in inappropriate exchanges.  Do not use this as a space to haze, bully, troll, discriminate, slander,  shame, or any other action not meant to lift up adventure and party quality.

5. Reporting Inappropriate or Abusive Behavior

In the unfortunate event that you’ve come across something inappropriate, please reach out to us at with a detailed message including a description and a screenshot of the issue. You may also click the “flag” button on a user’s profile card or an Adventuring Party or Quest details within the app. We will work quickly to address the concern.

6. What Happens When Something is Reported

At Demiplane, we take reported abuse very seriously.  When a report of inappropriate behavior is received, an investigation is opened to determine whether the indicated behavior does not meet the quality guidelines that have been provided in this code.  If it is determined that the actions were unacceptable, the specific instance will be removed as well as disciplinary action taken against the infringing user. If an investigation concludes that the behavior is acceptable under the guidelines outlined here, the user that reported the alleged violation may be contacted to handle the issue individually.  We encourage Adventurers to work with their Game Master to handle any issues that may arise within the party rather than reporting all issues to Demiplane.  As with all adventuring parties, not everyone will agree at all times. Taking care of each other, communicating, and being considerate can resolve many problems. If working together or with the Game Master is not working or not an option, please contact Demiplane by using the reporting functionality or by contacting

7. General Concerns and Support

If you have concerns about the platform, features to request, or bugs to report, please contact us at  (We also love to hear what you love about Demiplane!)

8. Terms of Service

On top of the guidelines provided in this Code of Conduct, all users are bound to the Demiplane Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please review these carefully and abide by their governance.

9. Enjoy Demiplane!

These guidelines were developed to help everyone enjoy and enhance their experience on Demiplane.  In general, the idea is to provide a safe place where anyone can come, play, and feel welcomed and supported. You will come across many types of people with many beliefs; be respectful of everyone else on the platform, and everyone can enjoy Demiplane.