The Planar Guide | Three Early Access Goals

While we think Demiplane will put some pretty cool features in the hands of tabletop players and Game Masters, the real power of Demiplane rests in the hands of the community! Travis and I have a vision of an open exchange of adventures and players working back and forth on the Demiplane platform to set up the next great horror story, dungeon crawl, or space invasion. We set three goals we needed to accomplish in order to bring this vision to life:


Our Three Goals:

✅ Attract Adventurers & Game Masters

The magic of Demiplane begins with matchmaking! To date, we have over 4,000 Game Masters and Players pre-registered on the platform. We want to ensure that our Game Masters, who are looking for players, and our groups of players, who are looking for a Game Master, are able to set up their adventures on our platform.

✅ Match Adventurers & Game Masters

Once we have a living database of Adventures, we want to ensure that both adventurers and Game Masters are able to signal their interest to join in a given adventure or adventuring party. This will make sure that all of Demiplane’s users have something to look forward to once we launch!

✅ Make The Technology ‘Invisible’

While Demiplane is a platform built on a variety of different technologies, our goal is to make them as invisible as possible. Put another way, we want our tech to enable, not impede, your adventures! Our Early Access period will allow for us to make any immediate tweaks and plan longer term projects we need to support you all. This will be a journey beyond early access and, as we hope you know by now, please contact us directly if you feel the technology is getting in the way of your adventuring.

🗓 Early Access Calendar

To accomplish this vision, we have created two Early Access windows: The first Early Access window is from May 7th to May 21st. During this window, Game Masters can post their campaigns in Demiplane’s matchmaking system. Players who are in a group and need a Game Master will also be able to post their Adventuring Party to our Matchmaking system.

The second Early Access window is from May 21st to launch! During this second window, all 4,000+ pre-registered Demiplane users will be able to search through adventures and request to join them. Feel like one adventure a week isn’t enough? Request to join multiple games in preparation for our June 1st launch!

Early Access & Paid Adventures

Travis and I expect a majority of the adventures active on Demiplane will have no cost attached to them. With that said, we have had a number of users reach out with a desire to create games that have a cost attached. Demiplane will be allowing the creation and joining of paid games in Early Access. We have selected Stripe as our payment provider, so any user interested in joining or creating a pay-to-play Adventure will be guided through Stripe’s onboarding process to set up payment information. Please note, while all games will be created and joined on Early Access, Demiplane’s full platform will not be available until launch.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching an Early Access website where we will keep track of the Early Access window above.

Next week, the “Planar Guide” will explore Demiplane’s Rewards and Ratings features that will be available at launch! This will include both our “thumbs up” rating system and the “Most Value Player” award available for grabs at the end of every adventuring session!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

Peter & Trav


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