The Planar Guide | More Than Matchmaking

As soon as we cut our first lines of code, Travis and I knew we wanted Demiplane to be more than a matchmaking service. Personalized journaling and shared party tasks were our number two and three most-requested features for Demiplane (after matchmaking, which came in at number one). We rushed journaling back in our November 2019 alpha and got it totally wrong. After a ground-up redesign, we are excited to have journaling and to-do lists ready and better than ever for our June 1 launch!

“I Know I Wrote That Somewhere…”

Notetaker, Party Scribe, Lead Investigator: all alternative names for the unsung hero of an adventuring party! This person spends less time “in game” in order to keep track of every single lore drop along the way. Having been that person, our goal was to grant the Party Scribe a suite of awesome tools: Demiplane’s journal feature creates a new episode journal for every adventure you are part of, and it allows for simple text editing so you can rapidly take notes in and out of game. Feeling benevolent? Share your notes with as many or as few party members as you’d like. Can’t remember why that artifact is important? Use the “search” feature to scan across all of your notes – both yours and those shared with you – to determine when and where it was that you last wrote something down. Have a problem remembering what’s in your group inventory? We are also launching with a dedicated journal specifically for tracking that!

“Uhh… What Were We Doing Here Again?”

Once you’ve got an adventure and a party, both Game Masters and Adventurers can add tasks to the list of “To-Do” items. This list is shared across the entire group, and each party member is able to mark a task as completed (or failed, like when you accidentally “misplaced” the starship you were supposed to return to Star Command). In addition, Game Masters can create what we are creatively calling a “Super Task” – these are tasks that jump to the top of the list and cannot be closed by anyone other than a Game Master. You even get a special lock image to show how serious you are about it!

Thank You x5000!

By the time you’re reading this message, there will be a total of 5,000 pre-registrations for Demiplane. This is so exciting! We cannot wait to share Demiplane with each of you. If you know someone who may be interested in taking part in our Early Access Program, please feel welcome to direct them to our website: 

Next week’s Planar Guide will feature a dive into how, when, and where Early Access will play out!

Thank you for continuing to allow us to keep you up to date on Demiplane’s progress. Feel welcome to reach out with any questions and comments!

Peter & Travis


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