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The idea of sticking to a weekly, three-to-four hour roleplaying session with people you know is a true commitment. This means adventuring with people you’ve never met requires a bit of homework! To try to give our Adventurers and Game Masters a directional understanding of who they are playing with, Demiplane is implementing a post-adventure reward system. At launch, Demiplane will have two types of rewards: trophies and ratings. You can read more about each below!

Trophies: Most Valuable Adventurer

The first reward we are introducing is the “Most Valuable Adventurer” trophy. At the end of each game, Adventurers and Game Masters are asked to cast a vote for one party member who really stood out in their adventure. This individual will receive the coveted “Most Valuable Adventurer” trophy. If you receive someone’s vote as the MVA – Congratulations, you tricksey bard! This reward will now be shown on your profile, which will keep track of how many times you receive a MVA trophy. We expect Adventurers and Game Masters with a large number of MVA trophies will be highly regarded when seeking to join a new adventure or host their own. We are also excited to add additional trophy types after launch!

👍 Thumbs Up For Teamwork

Demiplane’s second type of reward system is our rating system. Ratings will be collected after the Game Master wraps up the adventure. After ending your episode in Demiplane, Adventurers and Game Masters will have 24 hours to rate each other’s contribution with a thumbs up or a thumbs down (or neither for you lawful neutrals out there). Demiplane tracks each user’s Adventurer rating and Game Master rating separately; we display the number of positive ratings received for each in your profile. A thumbs up will add +1 to your profile’s positive ratings count. A thumbs down will reduce the positive rating count by -1 and a pass (which we consider a neutral vote) will add +0.5 to the rating count. At this time, we are not allowing anyone’s”‘thumbs up” count to drop below 0.

🏆 Trophies, Rating, & the Never-Ending Journey For More Loot

We expect our trophy and rating systems will evolve along with our community. While what we have described above will be in place for launch, we expect – as all good Game Master’s do – that our Adventurers will lead the way through their thoughts and actions. Because of this, please know that we are eager to collect feedback on ratings and trophies: what works well, what isn’t working, and what is falling through the cracks. Next week, the “Planar Guide” will cover all the details on our Journaling system: what it involves, who can access and edit it, and more! Thanks for allowing us to keep you up to date on Demiplane’s progress these past few weeks. As always, feel welcome to reach out with any questions and comments! Peter & Trav


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