Adventures are better
with friends.

Meet the team working to bring Adventurers together.

About Demiplane’s Founders

Adventure called to Peter and Travis early and loudly – growing up across the street made it easy for them to get together with friends and roll the many-sided math rocks together. The storytelling and the adventures that followed became the stuff of personal legends.

Fast forward several years, and the duo claimed the Adventuring had to put on ‘temporary’ hold while they both did some adulting. When the stars realigned, they got the band back together and began creating Demiplane. Their new quest? To make sure that no one ever has to put adventure on hold again.

Peter Romenesko

A Game Master at heart, Peter seeks to help fans of roleplaying games expand the ways in which they play, share, and explore through an entirely unique digital gameplay experience that’s engaging on all levels. 

Prior to co-founding Demiplane, Peter served as Partner  at Titletown Tech, a venture capital partnership between Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers. In addition, he led Corporate Innovation & Product Development at StageThree, a venture builder and corporate innovation partner co-founded by Romenesko. 

Travis Frederick

After retiring from the NFL following nearly a decade as an All-Pro Center and team captain for the Dallas Cowboys, Travis is bringing his leadership skills from the field to the tabletop. With a degree in computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Travis breathes life into the technology behind Demiplane. 

Prior to co-founding Demiplane, Travis founded the Blocking Hunger Foundation where he still serves as president and continues to work to provide support for inner-city and low income children who struggle with hunger throughout the Metro Dallas area.