Demiplane keeps you and your favorite wizards, warriors, and space rangers connected with free voice and video chat, shared journaling, matchmaking, and more! 

Demiplane Adventure Portal

The Best Adventures Start Here.

Create your own Demiplane. Invite your friends to start rolling dice and slaying – or saving – kobolds.

Find a game to Join. Demiplane makes it easy to find people who play the way you do across over 180+ tabletop game systems.

Make Your Story Epic…



Become a legend in your worlds and ours! Demiplane’s expanding rating and award system allows players to celebrate each other for their smart gameplay.

Our built-in payment and tipping systems mean that as a Game Master’s story spreads across the continent, their collection of minis can, too.

You bring the spells.

We’ll bring the components.

In addition to voice chat, we’re conjuring up a growing collection of new TTRPG tools for your Adventuring Party: Group & Player-Only Chat, Direct Messages, Shared Notes, Task Tracking, and more!


Finding Adventurers to join your story can be tedious and complicated. Demiplane’s matching engine and other features manage in-and-out-of-game logistics like matchmaking and scheduling so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

Shared Journals & Tasks

What was the reward for this task? What was the whole point of this dungeon crawl again? When did we last check on Dave? With your notes only one-click away, you’ll never forget about Dave or how many gold pieces you earned again!

Voice & Video Chat

We were using Alt+Tab more than rolling our dice, so we built Voice & Video chat for the TTRPG enthusiast. Now Game Masters and Players can focus on the most important part of their story – each other.

Your Demiplane Grows Alongside Your Story

We’re just getting started with Demiplane and look forward to leveling up in new ways. Have feedback or feature requests? Don’t be afraid to contact us!