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Demiplane is a matchmaking service for people who want to experience tabletop games with Game Masters who can guide you on the most amazing journeys.


Finding time to play tabletop roleplaying games was easier when we lived across the street. Life got in the way and forced us to take a hard look at what was important to us. We asked “What could possibly be more important than adventuring?” and started building Demiplane.

Make Your Story Epic…


Connecting Game Masters & Adventurers

Demiplane empowers Game Masters and Adventurers to build their story together across all of their favorite tabletop games. We match styles of play to find the right connection as well as provide shared journals, task tracking, tipping, and payments to keep your adventures alive.

Game Master with Demiplane

Weave Your Tale

Finding Adventurers to join your story can be tedious and complicated. Demiplane’s matching engine and other features manage in-and-out-of-game logistics so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

Share in the Rewards

Great storytelling and fun gets rewarded when adventuring parties use Demiplane’s rating and award system, journaling capabilities and ability to tip or pay their Game Master after a session is completed.

Adventure with demiplane

Find Your Next Quest

Have the urge to play but your friends aren’t available? It happens to the best of us. Adventurers are using Demiplane to find and join in their next adventure!

Stay Connected with Your Party

Demiplane’s in-app messaging and shared journaling system allows your party to research and plan how you are going to blow up that giant space station before everyone shows up for Friday night’s campaign.